Tenure and Promotion Appeals Committee Terms of Reference and Composition

Terms of Reference

The Senate Tenure and Promotion Appeals Committee shall:

a) hear appeals against recommendations of a Review Committee in the following circumstances: a negative recommendation for tenure, or a delay recommendation for promotion to full professor;

b) hear appeals against decisions of appeal committees denying a candidate advancement from pre-candidacy to candidacy;

c) consider and rule on allegations of an apprehension of bias against members of Adjudicating and Senate Review committees. [May 24, 2007]

Committee Composition

The Committee is composed of the following members:

a) Voting Members

Six faculty members elected by Senate (normally nominees for election to the Committee will have served on the Senate Tenure and Promotions Committee, or sub-committees)

b) Non-Voting Members

Chair of Senate
Secretary of Senate
Provost and Vice-President Academic

No person shall serve simultaneously on tenure and promotions committees (including the Senate Tenure and Promotions Appeals Committee) at different levels. [December 18, 1975]