Honorary Degrees and Ceremonials Subcommittee Terms of Reference and Composition

Terms of Reference

Under the York Act, the Senate has authority, after consultation with the Board of Governors, to confer honorary degrees.

The former Senate Standing Committee on Honorary Degrees and Ceremonials was re-established as a Sub-Committee of the Executive Committee, with its membership to be determined by that Committee, on February 22, 1979.

The Sub-Committee is authorized to make recommendations to Senate on matters of general format of degree-granting convocations.

The Sub-Committee is authorized to act on behalf of Senate with respect to the dates and detailed procedures of convocations and in the selection of honorary degree recipients, reporting to Senate at the next opportunity.

Committee Composition

The Sub-Committee consists of elected faculty members representing each Faculty of the University, one student member, the Chancellor (whose membership provides a mechanism for consultation with the Board), a Head of a non-Faculty College designated by the Council of Heads [May 22, 1986], the Convocation Officer, the President, Chair of Senate, Provost and Vice-President Academic, and Secretary of Senate and one member designated by the Alumni Association.