Equity Subcommittee Terms of Reference and Composition

Terms of Reference

The Sub-Committee on Equity is responsible for reviewing, recommending revisions to, and proposing and pursuing policies in the domain of equity that are within Senate’s mandate, either through its own initiative or by coordinating the work of Senate committees. It shall facilitate the consideration of equity matters and serve for Executive as Senate’s liaison with other bodies of the University. The Sub-Committee will report twice-annually to Senate on equity issues and to the President’s Advisory Council on Human Rights. The Sub-Committee shall also ensure that other Senate committees act and report on aspects of their mandates that relate to equity. In discharging its mandate the Sub-Committee shall seek such advice as is necessary and desirable.

Committee Composition

The Sub-Committee is composed of the following individuals:

  • Chair of Senate (or delegate)
  • Secretary of Senate (or delegate)
  • Other Members of Senate Executive (normally including one student)
  • Member of Academic Policy, Planning and Research
  • Member of Academic Standards, Curriculum and Pedagogy


The Sub-Committee’s reports to Senate Executive will be a standing item on the agenda of Senate Executive Committee, and the Sub-Committee is required to inform Senate Executive of its activities on a regular basis. The Sub-Committee will file its twice-annual reports after consulting with other Senate committees.