Distinguished Research Professors

Patricia  ARMSTRONG Sociology, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2010
Isabella BAKKER Political Science, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2014
Norbert BARTEL Physics & Astronomy, Science & Engineering 2006
Stephanie BEN-ISHAI Osgoode 2019
Russell BELK Schulich School of Business 2014
Nantel BERGERON Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science 2018
Ellen BIALYSTOK Psychology, Arts 2003
Deborah BRITZMAN Education 2006
J.Douglas CRAWFORD Psychology, Health 2013
Jonathan EDMONDSON History, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2017
Sheila EMBLETON Languages, Literatures & Linguistics, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2009
Stephen GILL Political Science, Arts 2005
Eric HESSELS Physics & Astronomy, Science & Engineering 2007
Allan HUTCHINSON Osgoode Hall Law School 2006
Joel KATZ Psychology, Health 2017
Bernard LIGHTMAN Humanities, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. 2018
Paul LOVEJOY History, Arts 1997
Laurence PACKER Biology, Science 2016
Deborah PEPLER Psychology, Health 2008
Anne RUSSON Psychology, Glendon. 2018
Bridget STUTCHBURY Biology, Science & Engineering 2009
John TSOTSOS Computer Science & Engineering, Science & Engineering 2008
Jianhong WU Mathematics & Statistics, Science & Engineering 2011

Note: Limit of 25 at any time

Distinguished Research Professors Emeritus

Diethard BÖHME Chemistry, Science 1995
John BOSHER History, Arts 1989
James CARLEY English, Arts 2000
Jean-Gabriel CASTEL Osgoode Hall Law School 1986
Lorraine CODE Philosophy, Arts 1998
Kenneth DAVEY Biology, Science 1984
Jack GRANATSTEIN History, Arts 1994
Leslie GREENBERG Psychology, Health 2010
Phillip GULLIVER Anthropology, Arts 1985
Michael HERREN Humanities, Atkinson College 1999
Ian HOWARD Psychology, Arts 1988
Ian JARVIE Philosophy, Arts 1993
Michael KATER History, Atkinson College 1992
Gabriel KOLKO History, Arts 1986
A. Barry P. LEVER Chemistry, Pure & Applied Science 1998
Clifford LEZNOFF Chemistry, Pure & Applied Science 2003
Kent MCNEIL Osgoode Hall Law School 2008
Gareth MORGAN Administrative Studies 1992
H. Vivian NELLES History, Arts 2001
John O'NEILL Sociology, Arts 1983
Hiroshi ONO Psychology, Arts 2001
Leo PANITCH Political Science, Arts 1999
David M. REGAN Psychology, Arts 1992
Marcia H. RIOUX Health Policy and Management, Health 2013
Nick ROGERS History, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2011
Gordon SHEPHERD Earth & Space Science, Pure & Applied Science 1993
K. W. Michael SIU Chemistry, Science & Engineering 2008
Stuart SHANKER Psychology, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies 2005
Brian SLATTERY Osgoode Hall Law School 2008
Reginald WHITAKER Political Science, Arts 2001

Distinguished Research Professors - Deceased

Gerald O. ASPINALL Chemistry, Science
Jerome CH'EN History, Arts
Norman ENDLER Psychology, Arts
Henry S. HARRIS Philosophy, Glendon College
Robert HAYNES Biology, Science
Christopher INNES English, Arts
John C. McCONNELL Earth & Space Science & Engineering, Science & Engineering
Peter MOENS Biology, Pure & Applied Science
Ralph W. NICHOLLS Physics, Science
Huw PRITCHARD Chemistry, Science
Beryl ROWLAND English, Arts
Donald SMILEY Political Science, Arts
Martin STEINBACH Psychology, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies
James TENNEY Music, Fine Arts