Implementation of the New Grading Schemes

With Senate’s approval of revisions to York’s grading schemes effective FW2023-2024, including the establishment of the Policy on York University Grading Schemes, ASCP is monitoring implementation efforts, including changes to program and/or academic regulation to reflect the new undergraduate, graduate and Osgoode grading schemes. A process for reporting changes to ASCP has been communicated to all Faculties.  Please submit changes via MachForm by the deadline of April 7, 2021.

Additional information is available in the following documents:

Policy on York University Grading Schemes
Visual representations of the new academic standing, Honours progression and academic sanctions models
Template for program and/or academic regulation changes
Conversion Scales for the Undergraduate, Graduate and Osgoode JD Grading Schemes

Questions may be directed to the Secretary of ASCP at