The University Academic Plan and the Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Teaching and Research Priorities

 Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 9:30am – 11:00am

Members of the community were invited to attend the first of two planning sessions centred on the 2020-2025 University Academic Plan. The focus of this session was to explore how we can best support the UAP teaching priorities in view of the seismic events of 2020-2021. It provided an opportunity to focus on the actions needed over the next one to two years to keep our academic mission on track and purposefully shape the post-pandemic future of the University.

Further reflections from participants on the forum discussions may be provided here:  [online].

Details of the forum are below.

The Program:

9:30am       APPRC Chair Welcome

9:40am       Organization into break-out groups

9:45am       Break-out Group Discussions facilitated by an APPRC member

10:30am     Plenary polling of participants for feedback on break-out group discussions

10:50am     Wrap up and follow-up plans

Break-out Group Questions for Discussion:   

What are the challenges to engaging EE in our current environment?

What are some creative ways to engage EE in our current environment?

What supports are needed at the local level to increase EE opportunities in this environment?

What are the qualitative milestones of progress in EE in this environment?

Background material posted below:

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