University Professors

Dawn Bazely Biology, Science 2017
Wade COOK Schulich School of Business 2010
Paul DELANEY  Physics and Astronomy, Science 2016
David DEWITT Political Science, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2011
Susan DIMOCK Philosophy, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2014
Don DIPPO Education 2011
George FALLIS Economics, Arts 2008
Seth FELDMAN Film & Video, Fine Arts 2001
Eileen FISCHER Schulich 2016
Richard HORNSEY Lassonde School of Engineering 2015
Suzanne MacDONALD Psychology, Health 2015
Mary Jane MOSSMAN Osgoode Hall Law School 2007
Ron OWSTON Education 2007
Leslie SANDERS Arts & Letters, Atkinson 2003
Stan SHAPSON Education 2013
Ron SHEESE Psychology, Arts 2002
Adrian SHUBERT History, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies 2015
George TOURLAKIS Computer Science & Engineering, Science & Engineering 2007
Stanley TWEYMAN Philosphy, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies 2012
Brenda SPOTTON VISANO Economics, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2010

University Professors Emeritus

Eshrat ARJOMANDI Computer Science & Engineering, Science & Engineering 2006
Harry ARTHURS Osgoode Hall Law School 1995
Hédi BOURAOUI French Studies, Arts 1984
Gerald A.P. CARROTHERS Environmental Studies 1992
Robert DRUMMOND Political Science, Arts 2009
Sydney EISEN History, Arts 1993
Fred FLETCHER Political Science, Arts 2002
William FOUND Geography, Arts / Environmental Studies 1987
Ian GREENE Political Science, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies 2010
Arthur HABERMAN History and Humanities, Arts 2000
Peter HOGG Osgoode Hall Law School 1986
John LENNOX English, Arts 2008
Martin LOCKSHIN Humanities, Liberal Arts &Professional Studies 2014
Bryan MASSAM Geography, Arts 2003
John McCAMUS Osgoode Hall Law School 2005
David McQUEEN Economics, Glendon 1993
Ron PEARLMAN Biology, Science & Engineering 2004
Willard W. PIEPENBURG History, Arts 1987
Robert PRINCE Physics & Astronomy, Science & Engineering 2004
Sandra PYKE Psychology, Arts 1999
Jan REHNER Writing/Humanities, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies 2012
Stuart G. ROBBINS Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics, Arts 1996
Ross RUDOLPH Political Science, Arts 2007
Saber SALEUDDIN Biology, Pure & Applied Science 2000
Johanna H. STUCKEY Humanities, Arts 1994
Albert TUCKER History, Glendon 1988
Paul WILKINSON Environmental Studies 2013
Joyce ZEMANS Visual Arts, Fine Arts 1995

University Professors - Deceased

Maurice ELLIOTT English, Arts
James GILLIES Administrative Studies
Joseph G. GREEN Theatre, Fine Arts
T. Harry LEITH Natural Science, Atkinson
Varpu LINDSTRÖM Arts & Letters, Women's Studies / Atkinson
O. Robert LUNDELL Chemistry, Science
Graham F. REED Psychology, Atkinson
Murray G. ROSS Sociology, Arts (Founding President)
John T. SAYWELL History, Arts
Harold I. SCHIFF Chemistry, Science
Shelagh WILKINSON Humanities, Atkinson