Common University Acronyms

University Governance*

AAPR          Academic and Administrative Program Review
AEC             Aboriginal Education Council
APPRC       Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee (Senate)
ASCP          Academic Standards, Curriculum and Pedagogy Committee (Senate)
ARC             Academic Resources Committee (Board)
AVP             Associate Vice-President (academic portfolio) or Assistant Vice-President (non-academic)
BPC            Budget and Policy Committee
CDO           Chief Development Officer
CIO             Chief Information Officers
EXEC          Executive Committee (Board)
EXEC          Executive Committee (Senate)
OUSGC      Office of the University Secretary and General Counsel
PACHR       President's Advisory Committee on Human Rights
PACOP       President's Advisory Committee on Parking
PVP             President Vice-Presidents Committee
UEC             University Executive Committee (President and Vice-Presidents)
SAC             Senate Appeals Committee
T&P             Tenure and Promotions (process or committees of Senate and Councils)
TUUS          Temporary Use of University Space
VPA&P        Vice-President Academic and Provost
VPF&A        Vice-President Finance and Administration
VPRI            Vice-President Research and Innovation
VPS              Vice-Provost Students

Acronyms are not used for Senate itself and the Board of Governors (may be shortened to Board)

University Finances and Management Terms

AER             Academic Employee Relations
AO               Administrative Officer
AODA         Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005
ATB             Across the Board (Funding or cuts)
ATB             Across the Board (funding or cuts) or Added to Base
BIU             Basic Income Unit
BOI             Basic Operating Income
CAUBO      Canadian Association of Business Officers
CFI              Canadian Foundation for Innovation
CPM           Confidential, Professional and Management (non-unionized employees)
CMO           Chief Marketing Officer
CSBO         Campus Services and Business Operations
CUPE         Canadian Union of Public Employees (multiple units at York)
ECR            External Cost Recovery
ECR            External Cost Recovery
EO              Executive Officer
FBO           Facilities and Business Operations
FFTE         Fiscal Full Time Equivalent
FHRS        Finance and Human Resources System
FIPPA       Freedom of Information and Privacy Act
FTE          Full Time Equivalent
GFU         Graduate Funding Unit
GRIP        Government Research Initiative Program
HR            Human Resources
ICR           Internal Cost Recovery
IRP           Integrated Resource Planning (Provost’s Office)
IUOE        International Union of Operating Engineers
JCOAA     Joint Committee on the Administration of the (YUFA) Agreement
KIP            Knowledge Infrastructure Program (Federal Government funding)
KPI            Key Performance Indicators
LRP           Long Range Planning (YUFA-Administration)
LUCOG     Land Use Coordinating Group
MIS            Management Information System
OPSEU     Ontario Public Service Employees Union (representing YUELI instructors)
OTO           One Time Only
PCAC         Promotion and Continuing Appointment Committee (T&P for Librarians)
PI                Performance Indicator (also, Principal Investigator, funded research projects)
PMP           Performance Management (staff)
PPT            Permanent Part Time
PRASE       Process Re-Engineering and Service Enhancement
PTR            Progress Through the Ranks (pay increments for faculty members)
QAF            Quality Assurance Fund (funding based on fulfilling government-defined criteria)
RFP            Request for Proposals
SAGE         Senior Administrators Group Exchange
SIS             Student Information System
XTO           Multiple Time Only Funding
YUFA         York University Faculty Association
YURA        York University Retirees Association
YUSA        York University Staff Association

Faculties, Schools and Libraries

AMPD        Arts, Media, Performance and Design
ED              Education
FES            Environmental Studies
FH              Health
FGS            Graduate Studies
LSE             Lassonde School of Engineering
GL               Glendon
LAPS          Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (also, LA&PS)
OH              Osgoode Hall Law School
SC               Science
SSB            Schulich School of Business
YUL            York University Libraries

For a list of building acronyms see

Research Centres and Institutes

CAR               Centre for Automotive Research
CERIS           The Ontario Metropolis Project (Centre of Excellence)
CERLAC       Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean
CFR                Centre for Feminist Research
CITY               The City Institute at York University
CJS                Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies
CRBI              Centre for Research on Biomolecular Interactions
CRESS           Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science
CRLC             Centre for Research on Language Contact
CRMS            Centre for Research in Mass Spectrometry
CRS                Centre for Refugee Studies
CRWS            Centre for Research on Work and Society
Dahdaleh     Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health
GLRC             Global Labour Research Centre
IC@L              Innovation Computing at Lassonde
IRDL               Institute for Research on Digital Learning
ISR                  Institute for Social Research
LaMarsh       LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution
MHRC            Muscle Health Research Centre
Nathanson    Jack and Mae Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security
Robarts        Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies
Sensorium  The Centre for Digital Arts and Technology
YCAR              York Centre for Asian Research
YCFR              York Centre for Field Robotics
YCVR              York Centre for Vision Research
YIHR               York Institute for Health Research
YU-CARE       York Centre for Aging Research and Education

University Offices and Services

ACMAPS        Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part Time Studies
AGYU             Art Gallery of York University
CDS                Counselling and Developing  Services
CHR                Centre for Human Rights
CLASP           Community and Legal Aid Services Program (Osgoode)
CSBO             Campus Services and Business Operations
ILD                  Institute for Leadership Development
ILL                   InterLibrary Loan
IPO                 Information and Privacy Office
ITC                  Information Technology Centre
IT’S                 Information Technology Services
OIPA               Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis
OPD                Osgoode Professional Development
ORS                Office of Research Services
ORUs             Organized Research Units (formally research centres and institutes)
OSFS             Office of Student Financial Services
RO                  Registrar’s Office
SCC                Student Centre Corporation
SCS                School of Continuing Studies
SCLD             Student Community and Leadership Development
UECR             University Events and Community Relations
UIT                 University Information Technology
YI                    York International
YUAA             York University Alumni Association
YUDC            York University Development Corporation
YUELI            York University English Language Institute

Students: Admissions and Enrolments, Organizations and Terms

ADM               Admissions System (also Student Information System)
BIU                 Basic Income Unit [per capita funding from government; different values for disciplines)
CGS                Canada Graduate Scholarship
COS                Course Offering System
ESL                 English as a Second Language
FCE                 Full Course Equivalent
FSL                 French as a Second Language
FT                   Full-Time
FTE                Full-Time Equivalent (contrasted with “heads” or individual students)
GIA                Grant-in-Aid
GSA               Graduate Student Association
LOP               Letter of Permission [to take courses at another institution]
NSSE            National Survey of Student Engagement
OAC              Ontario Academic Credit
OSG              Ontario Student Grants (replaces OSAP and other programs)
OSSD           Ontario Secondary School Diploma
OSOTF        Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund
OUAC          Ontario Universities Application Centre
YFS               York Federation of Students

Faculty Member Designations, Honours and Affiliations

CLA                Contractually Limited Appointment (Full time faculty not eligible for tenure; up to 3 years)
CD                  Course Director
CRC               Canada Research Chair
CUPE            Canadian Union of Public Employees (representing various groups, including TAs)
DRP               Distinguished Research Professor
FRSC             Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
GA                  Graduate Assistant
GPD               Graduate Program Director
GRA               Graduate Research Assistant
RA                  Research Assistant
TA                  Teaching Assistant (graduate student or contract tutorial leader)
T&P               Tenure and Promotion
UP                  University Professor
UPD               Undergraduate Program Director
YUFA              York University Faculty Association
YUTA              York University Temporary

Academic Planning and Reporting

APAY              Academic Planning at York (Senate framework established in 1987)
CPR               Cyclical Program Review (see also FAR and YUQAP)
FAR                Final Assessment Report (see also CPR and YUQAP)
IIRP               Institutional Integrated Resource Plan
IRP                Integrated Resource Planning (Office of the Provost)
PBA               Planning, Budget and Accountability (annual report; includes non-academic activities)
PIER              Plan for the Intensification and Enhancement of Research
SRP               Strategic Research Plan
UAP               University Academic Plan (Senate)
YUQAP         York University Quality Assurance Procedures

Major Federal Research Funding Agencies (“Tri-Council”)

CIHR              Canadian Institutes of Health Research
NSERC          National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada
SSHRC          Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Provincial and National Organizations

CAAT             College of Applied Arts and Technology
CCAC             Canadian Council on Animal Care (at York ACC, Animal Care Committee)
CAUT            Canadian Association University Teachers
CSSHE          Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education
CAUS             Canadian Association of University Solicitors
COU               Council of Ontario Universities
COUS            Council of Ontario University Secretaries
CUBA            Canadian University Boards Association
EQAQ            Education Quality and Assurance Council
HEQCO         Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
MADSK         Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (Ontario; formerly MTCU)
MRCC            Medical Research Council of Canada
NRC               National Research Council
NSSE             National Survey of Student Engagement
OAC               Ontario Arts Council
OCAV            Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents
OCGS            Ontario Council on Graduate Studies (part of COU)
OCT               Ontario College of Teacher
OCUA            Ontario Council of University Affairs
OCUFA          Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association
OCUL            Ontario Council of University Librarians
OUAC            Ontario Universities' Application Centre
PEQAB          Post-Secondary Education Quality Assessment Board
QC                  Quality Council of Ontario
SSHRC          Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Federal funding agency)
SWAAC          Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada
UNIVCAN      Universities Canada